Saturday, 25 October 2014

My comeback is marked with a selfie

(don't worry, it's not a selfie of me)

The last time I switched my computer on was just before being shipped off to boarding school, so I've probably got a lot to catch up on and the fact that my laptop has been with a technician for the last few weeks certainly didn't help. Anyways, laptop issues aside, all is good now and last Saturday marked the day I turned 17. This basically just meant getting drunk and changing my age status on every social network in the universe but I also got some pretty rad stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for cringey selfies featuring crazy graduate designer clothes and some home-dyed denim (A level textiles- don't ask).
I can feel myself rambling so I'm going to move to the the point; I found a new fave photographer today and her name is Maisie Cousins and she has blue hair and I think that's all that needs to be said. Check her out:

Cool huh? Her photography is so bright and hedonistic but she has this incredible way of connecting with her subjects that I find so rare. The only word I can think to describe her work is delicate, and I can officially say that I'm hooked.
Oh and I almost forgot, here's a Maisie Cousins selfie, as promised ;)

My song of the week this week is by SOHN, enjoy :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Haute Rebel X Farfetch Summer Style Guide

Where the hell did summer go?
I've been up to a lot since I wrote here last, so much that I can't even remember most of August and it's going to take me a good few bullet points to summarise. Here goes, a list of everything I've been up to throughout the month of August:
  • I spent another 2 weeks in France, travelling around Nice and Cannes and Antibes and Monaco and visiting as many art galleries as possible while still retaining my sanity. Before you ask, no, I did not tan. Yes, I am still very much pale and sickly-looking.
  • I went to Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire- didn't do much apart from yoga and drinking bloody marys but I can honestly say it was a heavenly experience  
  • Moved out of my shitty old house in the sad and lonely countryside and into a brand-sparkly-new one in a whole new county- HAMPSHIRE!
  • Bought lots of interesting furniture for my new spot in Hampshire, i.e. Polar bear side table and some adventure time posters
  • Spent a lot of time at friends' houses and dancing to embarrassing euro-pop (not sure if the correct word is euro-trash, will google that later)
  • Vaguely learned to play guitar i.e. learned to play everything by the Black Keys to a semi-bearable standard.
  • Went to Reading for 3 days and came back cold, tired, hungry and plagued with scratches, bruises, a few severe sprains and the flu. Best.Weekend.Ever.
  • Actually came down with the flu. This is my present situation.
So I think you've got the idea. The last 6 weeks have been hectic.
 Anyways, while I was in France I found myself with a lot of free time (which was mostly spent online shopping/watching American Horror Story/on photoshop) and somehow my lucky ass was able to score a few graphics from Farfetch to help with my big summer edit, which then ended up being postponed after my laptop had a nuclear meltdown and I had to feverishly back up all my documents. I feel like I'm straying away from the point- I MADE A 2014 SUMMER STYLE GUIDE WITH ALL THE TRENDS AND EVERYTHING. So quickly, before September starts, WE MUST GO OUT AND BUY IT ALL.
If you click through each image you'll be taken to a polyvore collection with all the products from each trend. THIS IS MY SUMMER STYLE GUIDE. ENJOYAYAYA 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An ode to bed hair in the hipster capital of the world

I know that I've never written about anything even relating to beauty products before, however there is a first time for everything and 4 days into my month-long stay in France I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Bed Head's new space in Boxpark (Shoreditch). Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but having spent the last few years as an avid Bed Head fan and frequent visitor to London's hipster hotspot- I figured I could at least tell you a few things about the two.
 A short walk from Great Eastern Street tube station is a huge collection of storage containers-turned-independent boutiques where grown men travel by skateboard and individuality is key. I have to say the concept is pretty awesome, and Boxpark itself is easily within walking distance of almost every cool hangout in Eastern London.

 Bed Head is also very well-known to me, I bought one of their 'Superstar' hairsprays a few years ago and never really went back. For starters it smelled better than anything else I've ever bought- and I've never been complimented on the smell of my hairspray before- and secondly it's somehow managed to last me and probably will until I retire. I've tried and given up on pretty much every other hair brand (my long and mega-fine hair will forever be the bane of my existence, next to my inherited tendency for freckles), and the fact that there are actual products in existence purely for that natural, just-rolled-out-of-bed-with-fantastic-hair look is (at least in my opinion) THE BEST THING EVER.
 If you get the time, check out the Bed Head Boxpark Hairspace and PLEASE, send me photos! (I'm in France well into the middle of next month). Have an awesome day guys :)

My song of the week this week is C O O L by Le Youth. Enjoy :)