Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An ode to bed hair in the hipster capital of the world

I know that I've never written about anything even relating to beauty products before, however there is a first time for everything and 4 days into my month-long stay in France I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Bed Head's new space in Boxpark (Shoreditch). Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but having spent the last few years as an avid Bed Head fan and frequent visitor to London's hipster hotspot- I figured I could at least tell you a few things about the two.
 A short walk from Great Eastern Street tube station is a huge collection of storage containers-turned-independent boutiques where grown men travel by skateboard and individuality is key. I have to say the concept is pretty awesome, and Boxpark itself is easily within walking distance of almost every cool hangout in Eastern London.

 Bed Head is also very well-known to me, I bought one of their 'Superstar' hairsprays a few years ago and never really went back. For starters it smelled better than anything else I've ever bought- and I've never been complimented on the smell of my hairspray before- and secondly it's somehow managed to last me and probably will until I retire. I've tried and given up on pretty much every other hair brand (my long and mega-fine hair will forever be the bane of my existence, next to my inherited tendency for freckles), and the fact that there are actual products in existence purely for that natural, just-rolled-out-of-bed-with-fantastic-hair look is (at least in my opinion) THE BEST THING EVER.
 If you get the time, check out the Bed Head Boxpark Hairspace and PLEASE, send me photos! (I'm in France well into the middle of next month). Have an awesome day guys :)

My song of the week this week is C O O L by Le Youth. Enjoy :)

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Lazy Oaf's Summer 2014 Lookbook is bringing 80s nostalgia and comic strips back into style

So I get that the Lazy Oaf SS14 collection has already been exhaustively blogged to death, but there is a reason for that- It's just so damn pretty! You know that I hate to jump on the trend bandwagon, but I feel that in this case, it's TOTALLY necessary.
 I've always been a huge fan of Lazy Oaf; the way casual button-ups and comfy tees are emblazoned with sharp lines and bold prints is iconic- like a clean, fresh take on 90s era Moschino, minus the triple-figure price tag. Their style is both modern and retro, with urban animations and bright colours printed onto soft and basic shapes like smock dresses and oversized jumpers. It's so easy and effortless to pull off, you could throw one of their slogan tees onto Napoleon Dynamite and he'd instantly look like a badass, despite the whole corduroy/80s prescription glasses/ugly shoes combo.

This season is no exception to my obsession affection for all things Oaf. The Summer 2014 lookbook is a combination of eye-catching prints, ironic graphic tees and 80s nostalgia icons (lots of rainbows and dolphins). There's a t-shirt for Tuesdays, a patched-up denim jacket in commemoration of your childhood; and even an 'UGLY' pink crop top (oh, the irony). Check it out:

Running side-by-side with the summer collection is, of course, THE LAZY OAF X GARFIELD COLLAB. In keeping with the whole pastel/kawaii/retro badass theme, ice-cream colours and feminine shapes are combined with furry heels and the strong presence of Garfield printed onto every wearable surface. I'll have 10 of everything, please.

My song of the week this week is Sea Of Voices by Porter Robinson (RAC mix)- enjoy :)

Hello, lazy edit of the week!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

random weekly inspirations and siblings @ Alvar magazine

Weird weekly edit #1- featuring the apartment crop by Peter Judson
So it's exam season and of course I've left everything to the last minute... *commence mental breakdown*
I haven't had time to write an entire blog post but somehow I managed to make like 5 million moodboards so here are a couple of things that inspired me this week:

Dom Sebastian
Dazed & Confused- March 2014
Mixte Magazine

In other news, I bumped into Emily (my mad-beautiful model friend who I interviewed a while back) last week and found out about her recent shoot for ALVAR magazine, doesn't she look amazing?
you can find the original editorial here and emily's IMG profile here :D

My song of the week this week is Cheap Sunglasses by RAC, Enjoy :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Life Aquatic with Cassandra Verity Green

Cassandra Verity Green is one of Central Saint Martin's most recent creative exports. Fresh out of the graduate tank and still amassing attention from her legendary first collection (Neptune's daughter, 2013), CVG is new talent at its finest. Inspired by childhood tales of life in a seaside town, beauty pageants and synchronised swimmers, Neptune's Daughter is a heartfelt ode to the ocean. 

Her style is vibrant, effervescent even, unique and unexpected. Beads saturated with lively colours, the use of strange plastic tubing and rich mossy fabrics are something I've never seen the likes of before. But the real show-stealer for me was the fishbowl backpack; controversial but innovative and beautiful nonetheless. Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making and the goldfish used were very well looked-after :)

 Song of the week- Swimming Pools (Blood Diamonds remix)
It seemed appropriate..
Have a good weekend everybody x

Saturday, 19 April 2014

ZOOM: The cyber edit

I literally stumbled across this and I've been looking for a good excuse to do another edit, so here goes:
The Nastygal 'ZOOM' lookbook is a combination of kawaii, seapunk and future rave styles. These are a couple of things that have always interested me, so inspired by Nastygal, Tumblr and my own weird imagination, I present to you MY SPRING CYBER EDIT!
P.S. You can shop the original 'Zoom' lookbook here :)

Left to right: marc by marc jacobs dress from net-a-porter, japanese palm tee from shopjeen, wordart skirt from shopjeen, mary katrantzou dress from farfetch
Left to right: alien tee from shopjeen (sold out!), marc by marc jacobs skirt from Farfetch, Love sucks tee from mercy-merci
Left to right: Christopher kane bodycon dress from net-a-porter, alien tee from shopjeen, Cedric Charlier skirt (worn with alien tee) from Farfetch, Love sucks tee from mercy-merci, transparent alien backpack from O-mighty

Oh and before I forget, there's only one rule when rocking cyber/seapunk styles- more is more and the brighter the colours, the better the vibes.

My song of the week this week is Pull Up The People by Alesia x M.I.A. 
*It's a Free Download*

Monday, 7 April 2014

A 3 step guide on how to make someone's day and vastly improve their week: #FarfetchHero

Step 1: Be a huge online boutique and sell pieces by every cool designer in the known universe (i.e. be Farfetch)
Step 2: Send beautiful bohemian jewellery (i.e by Aurelie Bidermann) to bedbound teenage bloggers (i.e. me with sprained ankle, currently watching the entire season boxset of Twin Peaks and ruthlessly liking pretty things on Google+)
Step 3: Add the hashtag #FarfetchHero and give teenage blogger a few hours to scream and kiss her computer screen while she tries to gets her head around the whole idea of actually winning something


I'd like to say a massive thankyou to both Farfetch and Soho Soho boutique for the blue/gold braided cuff in this photo! I'll be sure to post more photos soon when I'm actually capable of leaving my bed <3 

Song of the week: Deep Green by Marika Hackman

Sunday, 30 March 2014

WIN tickets to see DENA!

In celebration of the release of her debut album, DENA will be headlining at Dalston's Birthdays on the 15th April- and one of you lucky ducks (+ your closest friend) gets to go for FREE! 
Described as being somewhere between Grimes and a Balkan M.I.A, DENA's unique trademark of pop, 90's inspired hip hop and native Balkan beats is the next step in sound evolution.

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You can check out DENA's music (and her new album, 'Flash') on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes, and tickets to her gig are available here, through gigsandtours.com. Good luck everybody!