Thursday, 25 August 2016


Today I choked on the cigarette ash in my coffee and stumbled upon Sleazeburger, a paradise of florescent lights in holographic colours and bleak as fuck spaces. Photography subjects include an escalator, white tiled rooms and a McDonald's in Manhattan. It's like an acid trip in Vegas after closing time.

Simulated Beauty

Vanity Vanitas

Set design / Art direction for Dorian Electra's CLITOPIA

Pia Mia for Nylon Magazine


Neon McDonald's in Manhattan

If you were wondering, my plans for the evening now include plastering my room with pink iridescent fabric a la Clitopia.

My song of the day is I Had Ten Dollaz by Cherry Glazerr, enjoy x

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Luxury Flush (u away)

Luxury Flush is Milena Huhta and Eero Lampinen's edgy art-child. Their drawings simultaneously weep for humanity in their bitch glares and also don't give a fuck about u. If I could have a 2D alter-ego, it would be a Luxury Flush illustration. Check em out:

I want to be this one

Now excuse me while I learn how to draw again because I've just discovered my calling and it is a 2D nihilistic bitch-princess.

Today I'm feeling 'Burn the Witch' by Radiohead, go listen to it.
Plants have never looked so cool.

3am hair dye club

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

see-through clothes are the definition of fab

My edit, my credit. photo by Ivan Tsupka

Today I'm feeling the clear vinyl coat vibes. Here are some cool photos by Ivan Tsupka for iCoat- loving the colours :O

If you are lucky enough to already be in possession of an iCoat / Wanda Nylon jacket, pair it with acid colours and Lisa Frank vibes to be a GODDESS.

On the topic of beautiful colours and PVC, lets also appreciate this Nylon magazine beauty edit from back when I used to hoard tumblr images onto my over-full hello kitty laptop (2014-2015). Space Princess, yah?

My song of the day today is something (or everything) from the album Art Angels by Grimes- try 'Venus Fly' if you can't choose.