Saturday, 19 April 2014

ZOOM: The cyber edit

I literally stumbled across this and I've been looking for a good excuse to do another edit, so here goes:
The Nastygal 'ZOOM' lookbook is a combination of kawaii, seapunk and future rave styles. These are a couple of things that have always interested me, so inspired by Nastygal, Tumblr and my own weird imagination, I present to you MY SPRING CYBER EDIT!
P.S. You can shop the original 'Zoom' lookbook here :)

Left to right: marc by marc jacobs dress from net-a-porter, japanese palm tee from shopjeen, wordart skirt from shopjeen, mary katrantzou dress from farfetch
Left to right: alien tee from shopjeen (sold out!), marc by marc jacobs skirt from Farfetch, Love sucks tee from mercy-merci
Left to right: Christopher kane bodycon dress from net-a-porter, alien tee from shopjeen, Cedric Charlier skirt (worn with alien tee) from Farfetch, Love sucks tee from mercy-merci, transparent alien backpack from O-mighty

Oh and before I forget, there's only one rule when rocking cyber/seapunk styles- more is more and the brighter the colours, the better the vibes.

My song of the week this week is Pull Up The People by Alesia x M.I.A. 
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Monday, 7 April 2014

A 3 step guide on how to make someone's day and vastly improve their week: #FarfetchHero

Step 1: Be a huge online boutique and sell pieces by every cool designer in the known universe (i.e. be Farfetch)
Step 2: Send beautiful bohemian jewellery (i.e by Aurelie Bidermann) to bedbound teenage bloggers (i.e. me with sprained ankle, currently watching the entire season boxset of Twin Peaks and ruthlessly liking pretty things on Google+)
Step 3: Add the hashtag #FarfetchHero and give teenage blogger a few hours to scream and kiss her computer screen while she tries to gets her head around the whole idea of actually winning something


I'd like to say a massive thankyou to both Farfetch and Soho Soho boutique for the blue/gold braided cuff in this photo! I'll be sure to post more photos soon when I'm actually capable of leaving my bed <3 

Song of the week: Deep Green by Marika Hackman

Sunday, 30 March 2014

WIN tickets to see DENA!

In celebration of the release of her debut album, DENA will be headlining at Dalston's Birthdays on the 15th April- and one of you lucky ducks (+ your closest friend) gets to go for FREE! 
Described as being somewhere between Grimes and a Balkan M.I.A, DENA's unique trademark of pop, 90's inspired hip hop and native Balkan beats is the next step in sound evolution.

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You can check out DENA's music (and her new album, 'Flash') on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes, and tickets to her gig are available here, through Good luck everybody!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nick Thomm X Mercy-Merci

I know I already wrote about Nick Thomm (and his beautiful, independently-published brainchild; SRC783), a while back, but his recent collaboration with the psychedelic vibes of australian export Mercy-Merci boutique was a tryst worth talking about. Thomm’s distorted visions of the ultimate girl gang are spray painted red, pink, purple and blue; with the kind of detached ethereality you might expect from the supermodels of an alien race.

In a post-apocalyptic digital wasteland, Mercy-Merci's girl gang is the one you don’t fuck with.

Mercy-Merci itself is a haven for crystalline souls. Imagine Jennifer Mehigan and M.I.A in an underground LSD cave with stacks of t-shirts and an endless supply of acid; and you’ll pretty much have the mercy-merci aesthetic down. My personal favourites include the Peggy Noland 'In Stitches' skirt and Your Mom Lies' David tee.

Support your local girl gang- edit
crystal vision- edit featuring the Peggy Noland skirt I've only dreamed of
My song of the week this week is Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition) by AlunaGeorge, stay stoked everybody x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bitchcraft and Broomsticks at Sister by Sibling

Witching hour is upon us

 I've long been a fan of Sibling and their insane knitwear styles, but this season my outlook on them changed from 'badass' to 'holy shit badass' and now I don't know what to do but wait for autumn to roll around so I can finally invest in a few of these bad-boy knits.

This season was considerably darker than Sibling's other runway ventures, and we saw models glide down the runway in heavy crocheted and laddered dresses, gathered around black stilettos and topped off with a wide-brimmed floppy hat (reminiscent of the American Horror Story witches). Hair flowed free and badass attitude reigned supreme. 

At one point one of the models (above, far right) even abandoned her stilettos in an act of defiance and trotted down the runway in her socks. It turns out that this was not as purposeful as her attitude might make you think, I found out from one of the internet tabloid outlets that this was in fact a shoe-caught-in-dress-situation, and in an attempt to save herself from a VERY embarrassing fall (see Lindsey Wixson at Versace SS12), this model simply kicked off her heels and left them strewn across the catwalk for someone else to trip over later (needless to say the move was met by some pretty horrified gasps). But hey, it could have been worse..

I love Lindsey Wixson dearly but this is not good.

Song of the week: Recover (Kingdom Remix) by CHVRCHES

Monday, 10 February 2014

Emily Bostock: The model interview

The first time I met Emily was in year 8; I was a chubby 13 year old with worsening acne and braces, and she was the graceful and seemingly quiet girl in the year above. Despite this, we never really talked until I moved schools 2 years later, having lost a majority of the weight and acne (or so I like to think). At a friend's summer party (where the kids at my new school got drunk and poured beer over each other while the less-neanderthal of us socialised and talked like normal people), we got to know each other and ended up getting on really well.
 The last time I talked to her was at a birthday party a few months back, where we were talking (or shouting) to each other, and over all the heavy drum & bass I just managed to make out the words "modelling" and "IMG"
While Emily is still in the 'development' section of the IMG Models site, she's already been doing jobs and I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions before she gets too busy (yeah, we did it over facebook). So here are a couple of random things you should know about Emily Bostock:

What's your favourite colour?  "Purple"
Favourite movies? "Inception, The Boat That Rocked or Labrinth (with David Bowie)"
Favourite Band? "It's got to be Elbow"
Favourite Disney Princess? "Cinderella" (I can imagine Emily as Cinderella)
Favourite books? "I loved Jacqueline Wilson"

Who's your idol? "Matt Smith" (Doctor Who)
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? "South Africa- it sounds so beautiful"
What's your favourite animal and why? "Dogs, they're amazing companions and they will sit there with you and listen if you're upset- they'll look after you, and they're great if you need comforting"
What's your most irrational fear? "Spiders... *shudder* "
Do you have any weird obsessions? what are they? "I'm obsessed with Doctor Who and Downton Abbey"
Any hidden talents? "If you play any episode of Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010, and pause it at any moment, I can say the next line of dialogue." (it's true, she can. I've seen it and it's scary)
If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for? "Love, Success, Happiness"
What was your best memory of 2013? "Probably going to Tanzania and meeting the people we are helping there- my parents are trustees of a locally run charity and we are building a children's centre in a small village, offering education and boarding for 36 children. The people were absolutely wonderful, and the kids were amazing because they were so happy. It was an amazing experience."

Hopefully we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Emily, and I wish her the best of luck with everything :D 
You can check out Emily's profile at IMG here, and her shoot with Scandebergs (all photos in this post) here