Sunday, 30 October 2016

Let them eat cake and wear brocade

Having posted photos from Lily Rose Depp's french revolution-themed 'sour sixteen' last week, it would be an understatement to say I've developed an obsession with the marie antoinette way of dressing. Struck by superflu, I spent a depressing amount of time this week scouring the internet for silk brocade corsets and watching films by 4 different Coppolas (mostly Dracula and Marie Antoinette, both highly recommended). But nothing prepared me to see the Fenty (Rihanna) X Puma SS17 show, which against all expectation was GENIUS. I'm rarely a fan of popstar fashion collaborations (consider every yeezy show ever), but I have a newfound respect for Rihanna since it turns out she really is a fucking princess. Behold:

marie antoinette the insta baddie
2017 is the year of mesh, ribbons + pearls

cut your chokers in half + thread some ribbon through them to make CORSET CHOKERS

excess shoelaces ftw

ironic catholic/bridal vibes

I have been waiting for this my whole life- pink silk ONESIE

fishnet is in again (ofc)

tie-on jackets? is this a thing?

the more heavy duty and utilitarian the choker, THE BETTER

creds for the first awesome body chain ever made

does this come in black?

heavenly sheer lingerie vibes

more fab body chains + pearls

this lilac colour is just delicious


all your dad's north face jackets just got stylish