My full name is Indigo Fox Devlin, I'm 18 and I live in suburban purgatory just outside of London. I'd like to think that I'm very tomboyish and effortless but actually I just want to be a fairy princess.

Some fun facts about me:
  • In the past I have avidly collected: rubber ducks, swarovski crystal ornaments, TY toys, Garfield books and stickers. I'm now onto independent magazines and expensive clothes and stickers. 
  • I love Wes Anderson movies and Moonrise Kingdom is my all-time favourite.
  • I have an affinity for beautiful colours and shapes- colours are a huge part of my life and art
  • I'm strangely obsessed with the American suburban lifestyle, and most of the things I write, draw and design are based around this
  • I f*cking love cats. A lot. And adventure time. And my little pony. I'm like a giant child.

  • I have no clue how to describe my style but it largely consists of all-black with one very weird and gaudy thing and my signature piles of rings. I love androgyny and crazy bold prints and my go-to brands include McQ, Marc by Marc Jacobs, vintage Versace and Moschino
  • I love weird gothic things like studded chokers and new rock boots.... Sartorially speaking, I am a very confused person

A short list of go-to shops and brands:
  • Farfetch- They sell EVERYTHING, the best for all designer shopping
  • Shop Jeen- Crazy fucking amazing superstore of awesome stuff- definitely worth a look and Erin is a total bae
  • Acne Studios- Perfect for comfy jumpers, jeans and boots
  • McQ by Alexander Mcqueen- grungey and youthful and bold and just PERFECT
  • Versus Versace- Bright prints and cool basic styles for dresses, skirts, etc
  • Lulu & co- really awesome and arty prints; check out Fashion East- also owned by Lulu
  • Moschino- great for bold pieces and prints- loving jeremy scott's new stuff!
  • Saint Laurent- forever beautiful and classic, but also out of my price range most of the time :'(
  • Sister by Sibling- awesome knitted pieces, very rad
  • House of Holland- Henry Holland is the witty party go-to bae
  • Antipodium- cool prints and shapes in awesome & playful colours- such fun!
  • Lazy Oaf- bold prints and illustrations on easy-to-wear shapes 
  • Great Frog London- awesome skull and signet rings in silver, gold and diamondss
  • Raquel Allegra- beautiful, subtle and grungey tie-dyes

Some other cool brands:

'Prom Queens' moodboard for GCSE Art
idk moodboard man
Year 10 GCSE Art
A moodboard from the Tate Modern
My doggie, Dexta
My kitty, Skippy (this pretty much sums him up)
Me at the Tate Modern like 2 years ago
Besties Phoebe and Ciaran. Fuckin miss these guys